Picture Gallery

 "Ball in the pool! Last one in's a rotten egg."



And away!

 Good catch Bryndal.

 Ocean retrieving is part of life at Jamareine Labradors

Bailey: One of the pups from Bryndal 's previous litter. She is 14 months old here. (see Previous Litters page.)

Gretyl at eight weeks. 

Peter with Bryndal and a friend, Freckles, at the beach - 2010. 

Socializing with regular visitors helps build good manners and temperament.  2012 

Reine, Oscar and Jasper: Reine and Jasper were our first pair of labradors. Oscar was our first puppy. They will forever be remembered at Jamareine Labradors.

 Bryndal with Maureen at six weeks.

 Gretyl and Bryndal with their teddies.

Peter with Bryndal and Gretyl at the beach.

Jamareine Baron Brun (Oscar) all grown up. 

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