January 9, 2018: We currently have none of our girls expecting. We had to take some time off breeding, but will hopefully be continuing later this year. Check this page from time to time. We will post here first when we have joined any of our girls. Thank you all for your support. 

January 21, 2017: We had an ultrasound done recently to check Apryl. Unfortunately it shows she didn't fall pregnant. Sad news, but all too common. We will try again when she comes on season in six months. Thanks to all who wrote and made enquiries. Wishing you all a wonderful 2017.

January 6, 2017: December 21st, 2016 Apryl and Lenny were mated. We will not know for at least five weeks if Apryl has taken. If she has, pups would be born around February 19, 2017. It is likely the puppies will be black. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) will get first pick of the litter. We do not keep lists of interested parties, so check back here from time to time to keep informed of what's happening. Thanks for your interest! Fingers crossed.

 Apryl (Tusscan Reach for the Stars)

Lenny (Aust. Ch. Blackrange Illusionist)

 Click on pictures to see pedigrees and hip/elbow scores etc.

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