Bryndal x Tommy (Catraz Master Magician)

Whelped May 2011

Bryndal and Tommy's litter. Whelped May 18, 2011. Nine puppies, six female, three male. All chocolate.

All gone to their new homes.



Bryndal and pups May 18, 2011

Bryndal and pups May 18, 2011 

Bryndal with pups May 18, 2011

The white dots are marks so we can identify them to make sure they're all thriving equally. 

Bryndal's pups May 20, 2011

Bryndal's pups May 20, 2011 - all chocolate.

One sleepy, contented girl May 20, 2011

One tired, contented girl. May 20, 2011 

 Bryndal's pups May 22, 2011. Getting bigger every day!

Sleeping beauty. May 22, 2011 

Sleepy time. May 22, 2011 

Mum and babies all doing great.

Pups at 12 days old. 

Who wouldn't love that face? 12 days old. 

Big yawn! 

 Eyes not yet open.

Just on four weeks old and considering the world. 

Four weeks old. 

Four weeks old 

Lunch time! 

Play time. 

Time out from play. 

Puppies eating lunch. June 28, 2011, six weeks old tomorrow. 

B.A.R.F. diet - all natural. Best for dogs. June 28, 2011 

Puppies with their first huge marrow bone. 

Great for chewing exercise and teething. 

Puppy breakfasts all ready to be mixed up. 22 kg.  This will last about a week or two.

Puppies at nearly seven weeks of age. July 4, 2011. 

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