Apryl (Tusscan Reach for the Stars) X Cruz (Croftsway Carry-On Michael)

Whelped September 1, 2015

 Luca, at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, just prior to going to his carer. 8 weeks old.
Dressed for the Melbourne Cup in a week. Hoping he does well at SEDA.

All tuckered out. Three and a half weeks old. September 25, 2015 

 Graduated to the round bowl and starting to explore a bit. 25 Sept, 2015

Puppies' first taste of solid food and they are loving it! Combined with mum's milk, they are eating well and all healthy. Three weeks old. Sept 22, 2015 

Apryl and pups. Puppies two weeks old tomorrow. Sept 13, 2015

Apryl and her pups, whelped September 1, 2015 

 Puppies at two weeks of age. Eyes will open soon. Sept 13 & 16, 2015

 Fat bellies at two days of age. 

 Apryl (Tusscan Reach for the Stars)

Cruz (Croftsway Carry-On Michael) owned by Kristie Ainsworth of SohaliSpirit Labradors

 Click on pictures to see pedigrees and hip/elbow scores etc.

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