Jamareine Labradors

owned and operated by Maureen & Peter McMahon

Dedicated to breeding healthy, good natured labradors with excellent pedigrees in a family environment.

Tusscan Reach For The Stars (Apryl)

Blackrange Gretyl (Gretyl)

Blackrange Bella Bryn (Bryndal)

RIP beautiful girl. We miss you.

Bryndal, Gretyl and Apryl 

 Little seeing eye dogs in the making. Cindy in the middle. Puppy of Blackrange Bella Bryn (Bryndal) x Graebar Brigadier (Brig)

Maureen, Peter, Bryndal, Frankie and Freckles

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia needs your help. If you can volunteer as a puppy carer it could mean SEDA can work with more dogs. Carers for that first year are crucial. If being a carer is not possible, please consider giving a monetary donation to SEDA. Their work is enormously costly and it takes so much time, effort and money to take a puppy right through to graduation. Most pups never make it for one reason or another. Those that don't are used as companion dogs for the disabled. Another very worthy cause.  One graduating seeing eye dog can be so totally life-changing for a person who is blind or in need of visual assistance. We try to breed our puppies to suit the needs of SEDA where at all possible and ask everyone to assist in this very worthy cause.

Puppies that do not go to Seeing Eye Dogs Australia go to good homes. Check our Litters page regularly for updates.

Congratulations Cody (Jamareine Duc Du Compte) on becoming a Seeing Eye Dogs Australia graduate! This is what it's all about.


Do sign our guest book. We'd love to hear from you.  

Rodorbal Dyxie Belle To Jamareine (Dyxie)

 Jamareine Dynah Mo (Dynah)

Peter with Bryndal and Gretyl

This is Iris. She's our Gretyl's sister and is a Seeing Eye Dog Australia (SEDA) graduate. Well done Iris!

 Quade, Seeing Eye Dog in the making. Puppy of Blackrange Bella Bryn (Bryndal) x Graebar Brigadier (Brig)

Angela in training for SEDA. Puppy of Blackrange Bella Bryn (Bryndal) x Graebar Brigadier (Brig) 

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