Past Litters

Gretyl (Blackrange Gretyl) x Brigadier (Graebar Brigadier) litter whelped July 20, 2013

 Blackrange Gretyl x Graebar Brigadier puppies at six weeks two days old. Sept 2, 2013

 Gretyl x Brig's pups

(Note: white spots on pups are temporary identification marks)

Sleepy puppies. Five weeks old.

  We love our toys!

Gretyl x Brigadier's puppies at four weeks of age - discovering solid food. 

Below and above: Gretyl x Brig's puppies at 3 weeks 2 days old  August 12, 2013 

Chewing on mum! 

Don't bother me, I'm eating! 

Gretyl and her newborn puppies. July 20, 2013

Graebar Brigadier AI (Brig) owned by Kate Fitzpatrick and Linda Malseed of Rodarbal Labradors

Blackrange Gretyl (Gretyl)  

Blackrange Gretyl (Gretyl) x Graebar Brigadier AI (Brig) puppies whelped July 20, 2013. Seven puppies, all black. Three boys, four girls.

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