Past Litters

 Apryl (Tusscan Reach for the Stars) x Brigadier (Graebar Brigadier) litter whelped July 15, 2013

Tusscan Reach for the Stars (Apryl) x Graebar Brigadier puppies at seven weeks old. Sept 2, 2013

 Apryl's two yellow boys, at five weeks of age. 

 Is it dinner time? 

  Yes! It is dinner time.

 Apryl and Brig's puppies at three and a half weeks August 7, 2013

 Play time! How about a kiss? August 7, 2013 

Tusscan Reach for the Stars (Apryl) x Graebar Brigadier (Brig) puppies whelped July 15, 2013.

(Note: white spots on puppies are temporary identification marks) 

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