Dynah X Danny 

whelped January 15, 2015

  Puppies enjoying their first raw chicken frame. Nearly five weeks old.  See the page 'Feeding Your Dog' for more information on our natural feeding program.

 Pups at nearly four weeks of age.

 Pups at three weeks of age.

Little yellow girl, all tuckered out. 3 weeks old. 

Pups at three weeks of age. All on their feet, eyes open and thriving. 

Sleepy pup four days old.  

 Almost finished! Nothing better than raw meaty bones for lunch.

Big yawn! Nearly four weeks old. 

 Pups at three weeks of age.

Black boy at three weeks of age. Eyes just opened. 

Pups at three weeks of age. Feb 6, 2016 

The lone yellow pup - a little girl. Sound asleep after a good feed. Four days old Jan 19, 2016

Dynah looking good four days after whelping.

Puppies sleeping while mum takes a much needed break. Four days old Jan 19, 2016.

Dynah all tuckered out hours after producing nine beautiful pups. Well done, Dynah!

Dynah and puppies three days old. She's a great mum! 

 Dynah (Jamareine Dynah Mo)

Danny (Aust. Ch. Catraz River of Dreams) owned by Shelley Thompson of Oaysis Labradors

 Click on pictures to see pedigrees and hip/elbow scores etc.

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