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Tusscan Reach for the Stars (Apryl) x Mistybrook Maestro (Gaffer) litter whelped August 31, 2014

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Apryl (Tusscan Reach For the Stars) and her six puppies to Gaffer (Mistybrook Maestro) at one day old. September 1, 2014 

NOTE: White spots on puppies are markings we use to identify each individual. Because we weigh them every day to make sure they are all getting enough, it's vital we can tell them apart. These markings are temporary and we remove them before they go to their new homes.

Puppies at four weeks of age. Having their first chicken frame and loving it.

 Apryl (Tusscan Reach For The Stars)

Gaffer (Mistybrook Maestro) owned by Sylvia Power of Zenchel Kennels

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